Born in Istanbul and a New Yorker since childhood, Lorant’s musical output is powered by the pulsating energy of observing those mega-cities.

His long-standing love affair with music began young but it was his early mentorship with legendary DJ and producer Danny Tenaglia, and subsequent affiliation with the dance music hit-factory Twisted Records that kick-started Lorant’s career in the music industry.

As a producer, Lorant first won attention with his futuristic tribal remix of “The Hook” by Geoff Gains. His following single “Hot Flash” on Twisted earned him critical acclaim from both URB and HX magazines and led to his remix of the house classic “Divas to the Dancefloor” on DJ icon Junior Vasquez’s JVM label. Lorant’s own Royal Advisor Records was built from this momentum as a means to provide an open space for queer artists and allies to develop fresh, original work to express their unique visions. Celebrating community through the liberating power of dance music, RAR prides itself on its innovative collaborations with a diverse group of artists.

Through his imagination, natural ear for percussion, and gripping obsession with ocean deep bass lines, Lorant’s productions project a unique sound. His focus constantly heightening, Lorant’s mantra is that of his record label: Make you dance, make you happy, make you think!

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