Born in Istanbul and a New Yorker since childhood, Lorant’s musical output is powered by the pulsating energy of observing those mega-cities.

His love affair with music began young but it was his early mentorship with Danny Tenaglia and subsequent affiliation with the hit factory Twisted Records that kickstarted Lorant’s career in the music industry. He founded his own label Royal Advisor Records (RAR) as a means to provide an open space for queer artists and allies to express their unique visions. Celebrating community through the liberating power of dance music, RAR prides itself on its innovative collaborations with a diverse group of artists.

Most recently, Lorant made his debut at the Eagle NYC and traveled to Mexico City to play for the nocturnal playground that is [sic] community club. Pre-pandemic, he was a resident at the infamous Cock bar. Helming the decks with his blend of moody tribal house and deep techno, he’s played at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, the Eagle LA for the Cub Scout party (hosted by Bears In Space), The Stud and Powerhouse in San Francisco for Folsom and Dore Alley festivals, and also at Good Room in Brooklyn with The Carry Nation. His monthly Rockstrap party in the city’s west village, now in its sixth year, has become the venue’s most anticipated night in rotation as it consistently keeps growing in attendees. 

Lorant’s latest single “Rooms” was released in December. He describes the track as an ode to the first light of day that seeps through the skylight of an afterhours dance floor.